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About Us

Some information on what we do and who we are...

CREATIVE Associates develops measure & control solutions based on IoT technology.

Walter Verhoeven, Bachelor Electronics from Narafi, Bachelor Informatics from IHRB and a BLIN (Bijzondere Licentie Informatica) from the Free University Of Brussels (VUB) with more than 30 years of experience in compilers, low level system programming, performance & capacity planning on high-end enterprise servers at Hewlett-Packard Belgium and USA/Roseville California Performance Technologies Labs. Also founder of SOLID IT Solutions (sold at Keyrus France) and owner of CREATIVE Associates.

We have a very dedicated team that consist of an Industrial Electronics Engineer from the Narafi, with more than 35 years of experience in microprocessor development at Intel and HP Belgium, computer board testing software and high-end enterprise servers solution consulting at Hewlett-Packard Belgium.

We develop hardware and software in order to deliver measure and control solutions based on single or clustered IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The architecture allows communication between devices making use of Internet, LoRa (Long Range communication 433-915 MHz 10-30 km), Narrow Band IoT and Mobile SIM Card. Our devices measure temperature, humidity, light, air quality, water level, pressure, moisture and more. This data is transferred to a cloud base application server, in a secure and encrypted way, for charting/analysis, alarming and command/task execution. Our IoT devices can also operate alone or in a cluster where the master role can be assured by an IoT board itself. All the electronics (boards) and software have been developed in-house. We currently standardize on the Xtensa dual-core MCU of Espressif Systems running an RTOS (Real Time Operating System).


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Our Technology
esp32 iot board
ESP32 IoT Board

The powerful ESP32 chip is the core of our IoT board. It offers on chip WiFi (Station & Access Point), Bluetooth and encryption. We added extra communication possibilities via Mobile Chip (GSM & NBIoT), LoRa and ModBus RS485. Configuration is stored in memory based files and data can be kept on an SD card if necessary. The time is accurate, TimeZone & DST aware, and foreseen via an RTC chip. It has an OLED screen and optionally a larger LED matrix or e-Paper for communication with the outside world.

Several ADC & GPIO ports are available in order to connect our different probes and via relays we have the possibility to activate devices like water pumps, valves, motors and more. There is a command language for executing local & remote commands, the ability to trace board activity and to interact via local web pages. Data communication between our cloud application server and the IoT boards is encrypted and as such secure.

esp32 solar powered
Solar Powered Module

Here you see an example set-up of our Solar powered module used for a Greenhouse project. Communication is done via LoRa in this case due to the absence of WiFi. We use a solar panel and battery to keep running autonomously for years.

The moister and temperature measurements can steer the sprinkler and aeration systems.

esp32 airq measurement
Air Quality

A popular solution is the measurement of air quality "Particals" (pm10, pm25), here based on the NOVA SDS011 sensor.

Typically used in school environments, factories and towns/cities where we can indicate the level of pollution, steer road indicators and(or) warn people.

esp32 rfid iot board
RFID Technology

We offer RFID technology supporting different distances depending on the project requirements.

We have for example a solution that calculates statistics on students interest in a specific craftsmanship based on RFID activity measured in the different technical classrooms like metalworking, bricklaying, construction, electricity, plumbing etc...

iot output devices
Output Device Types

Several output device types are provided in order to communicate with the outside world. Currently there are Organic LED, LED Matrix, LED Strips, TFT and E-Paper possibilities. Can be easily extended on demand.

In case of the need for analogue data display we can propose for example Gauge types.

rack mounted iot boards
Rack Mounted IoT Boards

For industrial solutions the boards are placed in DIN rail rack mountable PLC cases.

This allows us to assemble a set of devices into racks which are easily to access and maintain.

For bad environmentally protected or outdoor places we can foresee weatherproof DIN rail enclosures.

mobile APP CASSappy
Mobile APP - CASSappy

This mobile APP allows our customers to follow-up on sensor/application measurements and to control attached devices.

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